About Us

Has held a County parish Holding number since 2010 and has operated as a small scale farming operation ever since. We are already successful in making and providing small bale Hay, Straw and firewood (small logs and kindling) plus livestock husbandry and livestock transportation. We have bred horses and are breeding Bagot Goats since 2018, we are planning to get some more Golden Crested legbar chickens soon and some more Welsh Harlequin rare breed ducks and potentially Geese. We have had a disease outbreak at the farm significantly affecting our goat breeding programme, we still aim to get some British Saanen or Golden Guernsey Goats for milking as we have already made some good headway in those areas but need to regroup and remain focused on our Bagot Goat Herd. Our aspiration is to continue in small scale rare breed livestock farming, livestock management of rare breeds, we hope to grow our farming business by investing in our 42 acres of land holding, we are currently investing significantly in the land with drainage and infrastructure. One of our ongoing primary objectives is to keep our goats away from the young fruit and nut trees we are planting for our long term future. We are passionate about the green belt and promoting rural experiences for all. We have a growing economy which embraces diversity and as such reduces risk to us and our business, thus remains sustainable.