Lee Preece Farming Enterprises PRIVACY POLICY


  • User privacy and data protection are human rights
  • We have a duty of care to the people within our data
  • Data is a liability, it should only be collected and processed when absolutely necessary
  • We will never sell, rent or otherwise distribute or make public your personal information
  • We loathe spam as much as you do!


Along with our business and internal computer systems, this website is designed to comply with the following national and international legislation with regards to data protection and user privacy:

This site’s compliance with the above legislation, all of which are stringent in nature, means that this site is likely compliant with the data protection and user privacy legislation set out by many other countries and territories as well. If you are unsure about whether this site is compliant with your own country of residences’ specific data protection and user privacy legislation you should contact our data protection officer (details of whom can be found in section 9.0) for clarification.


This website collects and uses personal information for the following reasons:

3.1 Site visitation tracking

Like most websites, this site uses Google Analytics (GA) to track user interaction. We use this data to determine the number of people using our site, to better understand how they find and use our web pages and to see their journey through the website.

Although GA records data such as your geographical location, device, internet browser and operating system, none of this information personally identifies you to us. GA also records your computer’s IP address which could be used to personally identify you but Google do not grant us access to this.

We consider Google to be a third party data processor (see section 6.0 below).

GA makes use of cookies, details of which can be found on Google’s developer guides.

FYI our website uses the analytics.js implementation of GA.

Disabling cookies on your internet browser will stop GA from tracking any part of your visit to pages within this website.

In addition to Google Analytics, this website may collect* information (already held in the public domain) attributed to the IP address of the computer or device that is being used to access it. The information is supplied to us from Whoisvisiting.com.

Whoisvisiting.com is a service offered by Whoisdata Limited. The Whoisvisiting system does not use your IP address to identify you, the individual, in any way.

No cookies are used by the Whoisvisiting system.

* The Whoisvisiting system will only lookup information when a static IP address is being used. Differences between a static and dynamic IP address.

More information about how Whoisvisiting uses IP addresses.

3.2 Our blog

Should you choose to add a comment to any posts that we have published on our blog, the name and email address you enter with your comment will be saved to this website’s database, along with your computer’s IP address and the time and date that you submitted the comment. This information is only used to identify you as a contributor to the comment section of the respective blog post and is not passed on to any of the third party data processors detailed below. Only your name will be shown on the public-facing website although if the supplied email address is linked to a Gravatar account, or similar your Gravatar photo for example will also be displayed.

Your comment and it’s associated personal data will remain on this site until we see fit to either 1.) remove the comment or 2.) remove the blog post. Should you wish to have the comment and it’s associated personal data deleted, please email us on pipley.farm@gmail.com using the email address that you commented with.

If you are under 16 years of age you MUST obtain parental consent before posting a comment on our blog.

NOTE: You should avoid entering personally identifiable information to the actual comment field of any blog post comments that you submit on this website.

3.3 Contact forms and email links

Should you choose to contact us using the contact form on our website www.pipley-farm.com  via the contact us option at this link, or via an email to pipley.farm@gmail.com, none of the data that you supply will be stored by this website or passed to / be processed by any of the third party data processors defined in section 6.0. Instead the data will be collated into an email and sent to us over the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). Our own SMTP servers are protected by TLS (sometimes known as SSL) meaning that the email content is encrypted using SHA-2, 256-bit cryptography before being sent across the internet. The email content is then decrypted by our local computers and devices. However, not all mail servers are secured in such a way. Therefore, we would suggest that you always consider email as an insecure medium and not include personal, confidential or otherwise sensitive information within an email.

3.4 Email newsletter

We do not offer an email newsletter currently

3.5 Onsite CCTV footage

High quality digital cameras operate at various locations on both of our main sites, we store the images, videos and audio files for between 30 and 45 days, at which time the footage is automatically over written unless held for criminal or civil prosecutions pending court action.

The files are held temporarily and can be viewed and accessed remotely by the farming partners themselves only. The information is held digitally on the world wide web (for security, its also backed up at a variety of remote locations- full details are not disclosed here for security purposes).

Unless the digital footage is intended to be used for criminal proceedings we are happy to share images that capture the requestor themselves and themselves only, unless of course you are committing a crime in which case the details will be shared with the relevant authorities.

We advise that this information will be available within 30 working days of a formal request in writing to pipley.farm@gmail.com with the title stated as 'Request to see video footage pertinent to xxxxxx(named person) on xxxxx (actual date)'.

Your personal rights remain respected, people are advised of CCTV operating on site at a variety of locations with signs, including signage at the main site entrances and on the outer fabric of main buildings. Of course there is no problem with this style of temporary digital audio or video record, unless of course you are not supposed to be on site or doing something which is not nice or illegal; in which case we will utilise the footage to pursue you or help the authorities as appropriate..

 We reserve our rights to prosecute trespassers and will continue to report all criminal behaviour including aggressive mischief or anti social behaviour so this type of personal information will be shared with relevant authorities as and when required.


As detailed in section 3.2 and 3.5 above, if you for example submit a comment to a blog post published on this website some personal information will be stored within this website’s database. This is currently the only occasion where personal data will be stored on this website.

In the near future we aim to change the storage of this data to a pseudonymous fashion meaning that the data would require additional processing using a separately stored ‘key’ before it could be used to identify an individual.

Pseudonymisation is a recent requirement of the GDPR which many web application developers are currently working to fully implement. We are committed to keeping it as a high priority and will implement it on this website as soon as we are able to.

We would utilise site statistics apps supplied from YOLA in relation to our package to only see the following; how many users are visiting our site. We could utilise this information to Target our audience and tailor our business website accordingly.

We currently do none of this as we only offer a web presence as a landing pad and as a location for our blog, we feel it’s important to know the capability exists and our use of information may change in time but at that time we would update our privacy and information policies


This website is hosted by YOLA who operate from The USA in San Fransisco and Cape Town, South Africa

Complete DDoS Protection via Yola who have partnered with Prolexic  to ensure that our site is automatically protected from most malicious attacks aimed at preventing our customers from accessing our site.

All traffic (transferral of files) between this website and your browser is encrypted and delivered over HTTPS.


We use a single third party to process personal data on our behalf. These third parties have been carefully chosen and all of them comply with the legislation set out in section 2.0.

Our third party is based in the USA and are EU-U.S Privacy Shield compliant.


We will report any unlawful data breach of this website’s database or the database(s) of any of our third party data processors to any and all relevant persons and authorities within 72 hours of the breach if it is apparent that personal data stored in an identifiable manner has been stolen.


The data controller of this website is: Lee Preece Farming Enterprises, a UK trading company (partnership)

Whose registered office is: Pipley Bottom Farm, North Stoke lane, Upton Cheyney, Bristol. BS30 6NG

And whose operating office is: Pipley Bottom Farm, North Stoke Lane , Upton Cheyney, Bristol. BS30 6NG


Mr Lee Preece
Telephone: 01179570100
Email: pipley.farm@gmail.com


This privacy policy may change from time to time in line with legislation or industry developments. We will not explicitly inform our clients or website users of these changes. Instead, we recommend that you check this page occasionally for any policy changes. Specific policy changes and updates are mentioned in the change log below.

10.1 Change Log

8th Dec 2020

  • Word checked and amended the prosecution section in section 4.0

5th May 2018

  • Privacy policy instigated and uploaded to website

4th July 2018

  • Section 3.5 added as we are aware that some people may view CCTV footage of themselves as personal information, whether they were supposed to be on one of our sites or not.